Learn 1000 Words in 6 hours

School years are the time when a student’s mind can grasp a million things! They are like sponges, ready to absorb anything that is taught to them. Unfortunately, many amazing possibilities have been wasted over the years because of the wrong pedagogy followed. In a society that prizes rote-learning, we have hindered a student’s ability to associate, think creatively and expand his/her mind.

A good vocabulary is the sign of erudition. A person who can understand more words can express more precisely, come across as more confident and can read any subject comfortably. Isn’t that a valuable skill to possess? Our 5000 students thus far definitely seem to think so!

This program is unique and has been conceived after years of academic and psychological research. It draws from sources as varied as history, art, medicine and mythology. It is better to teach a man to fish than give him a fish. We do not teach words. We narrate stories! We engage students through role-play, and team activities to make sure they do not forget the words they have learnt. We exploit the wild imagination of school students and use it to unlock limitless possibilities.

Needless to say, the vocabulary they acquire will be a treasure that will stay with them forever and help them succeed wherever they go.

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