GD & Interview training

Gone are the days when good marks alone were enough to sail through a recruitment process. Today, the corporate world wants candidates who are articulate, responsive and capable of confident interaction. Sadly our education system does not adequately equip students with these vital skills and as a result, most students tremble with fear at the thought of taking part in a group discussion or facing an interview.

We at have noticed that this shortcoming hinders a student’s employability. Believing in developing a well rounded, confident individual, we have come up with a new 20 hour program that will enable students imbibe the skills required for this stage in the placement process.

Using mock group discussions and interviews, we ensure that a student practices articulating his/her ideas coherently in a group and is capable of answering any tough question in the interview stage. We have done extensive research in the fields of psychology, group dynamics and tell you exactly what the top companies expect today. We expose students to topics and tricky situations that one can expect at a group discussion or an interview.

Our training programs have always focused on holistic development and this program will guarantee that its participants are better informed, more confident, and a cut above the rest!

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