Communicative English

After 14 years at school, are your students ready?

Today’s world is extremely competitive. The bar is constantly being raised and a young student must posses an adequate repertoire of skills. Gone are the days when academic performance alone was enough.

We are, believe that good communication skills are the foundation for a successful life. Be it college admissions, competitive examinations or job interviews, the role of communication is pivotal for success today but is sadly ignored in most curricula.

We believe in starting early. School going students are the future of the country. If they are equipped with communicative skills at an early age, their self-esteem and personality will improve, along with their chances of success.

Through our unique 30 hour program, we improve a student’s speaking skills, diction and inculcate rules of communication that will last him/her a lifetime. Conceived after years of academic research, this program is designed to enable a student remember patterns, recognise flaws and express his/her ideas without fear. Through interesting role-play and group activities, this program will engage your students by tapping their unlimited potential. Our goal is to transform a diffident student with no English speaking skills into an articulate, confident individual ready to take on the world!

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