Communicative English

80% of Indian graduates today, are unemployable. Are your students liable to be part of that shocking statistic?
Not with’s program on “Communicative English”!

Good communication skills are mandatory to succeed in any arena. Be it competitive examinations, job interviews or international opportunities, students who can express themselves coherently, will move ahead of those who cannot. India’s majority comprises of the youth, but can all of them speak convincingly?

This program empowers college students by equipping them with the relevant communication skills to succeed. Our unique 30 hour program has been designed after years of research and with inputs from the corporate world. We will ensure that college students develop command over the language, a better vocabulary and remember communication rules that will help them in Group discussions, interviews and in their professional lives thereafter.

Through engaging mnemonic techniques, mock discussions, team activities and quizzes, we aim to improve the rate of employability in India and transform more college students into confident, articulate and successful leaders of tomorrow.

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