Aptitude test training

Campus placements are crucial in any student’s life. Reputed MNCs want to hire the best candidates through their respective selection processes and hence, the competition for a few coveted posts is intense. Every year, thousands of students miss out on promising career opportunities because of an aptitude test. Even though the candidate may have the potential to be a great leader, he/she may not get a chance to prove it. We are here to change that!

An aptitude test is an elimination process and in order to filter from a large student population, these tests are becoming increasingly challenging every year. A final year student has to be well prepared to crack the toughest aptitude test to maximise his/her chances of placement.

We at Meraenglish.com (In association with MyGre & MyGmat – our training academies to train students for the GRE & GMAT) have developed a unique 60 hour training program that will ensure your students can face any aptitude test with complete confidence. Considering the changing nature of these tricky tests and industry feedback, our team has designed relevant training material that includes Quantitative Ability, Logical reasoning, and Verbal ability. A student in our program will be prepared to face the toughest tests in the country.

Watch your college’s placement percentage soar to record heights as more students clear the aptitude hurdle!

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