Based in vs. Based out of

“I am based out of California” “I am based in New Delhi”. In a world that is increasingly globalised, it is very common to hear comments like these. However, the question we must ask ourselves as individuals wanting to express themselves in clear English, is “Is it accurate?”

Well, both the sentences are correct. But it offers a slightly different meaning.

Based out of:
“Ram is working currently. He is based out of Chennai”

This means that Ram has an office in Chennai but that is not where he is all the time. He travels to other places even though he has a central location.

“Ram travels all over the word and works out of Chennai” carries the same meaning. “Tipu is a travelling salesman based out of Dubai”

Based in:
“Ram is based in New York”

Unlike the previous example, this means that Ram is located in New York. The reason I don’t use the word “Live” is because “based in” could deliberately mean that Ram is in New York temporarily and has no intention of living there. A better use of live would be “I have moved back to India. I live in Bombay now” “My grandparents are living with my sister”

Depending on the situation you want to describe, use the words appropriately.

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