Set the ball rolling

5 students sat in front of the principal’s office. They faced suspension owing to their alleged misbehaviour the day before.

“Amit!” shouted the principal “I am sure you are the mastermind behind this whole operation! I am keeping a very close eye on you. Remember that this is not your first time”

“Who was in charge of deflating the HOD’s car tire?” continued the principal. Silence greeted him. The boys were in no mood to give in “Fine. Don’t tell me but I will get to the bottom of this mess very soon”

“Vinod, Tom, Nitin and Navin. Don’t think I have forgotten you boys. I am sure Amit was the mastermind but given Navin’s behaviour over the past few years, I am sure he was the one who set the ball rolling!”

“Sir. We didn’t throw a ball on anybody!” said Navin, speaking for the first time.

“Shut up!” yelled the principal, slapping his forehead with his palm.

“Look! His head is shining more now” whispered Vinod to Tom, who couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What are you all laughing at?” yelled the principal, this time advancing to them menacingly “You should be ashamed of yourself. For playing pranks and not knowing that ‘to set ball rolling’ means to start something

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Santhosh Karnananda

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