Much water has flowed under the bridge

“Hey buddy! Where were you all these days? The last time we met must have been the day after the farewell party, when you boarded the train to Cochin.”

“Yes, Dileep. I still remember how you all saw me off in tears. It’s about six years now. How’s our gang?”

“Our gang? It’s surprising to hear you say such a thing, Bahul! After all, you didn’t even give us your contact number after you went back home. Your old number was always inaccessible. Did you forget all of us so soon?”

“No, Dileep. I got a scholarship in a couple of months after going home and was doing my research abroad so long. I returned to India only last month. Are you in touch with the others? What have you all been up to?”

“Well, what do I say? I am married and working as an Assistant Manager.”


“Kantesh died in a car accident. Shalini entered into politics, just like her father. Our college ground has been converted into an indoor stadium. And then, did you know about Gauri and Ganesh splitting? They were also in Cochin, I guess?”

“I suppose much water has flowed under the bridge since I left! Only I seem to be much the same.”

“If you mean that a lot of things have happened in the last six years that you haven’t heard of, you’re right. But I do wish you had stayed in touch with me!”

Actual Meaning

Much water has flowed under the bridge : A lot of things have happened that one hasn’t heard of.

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Santhosh Karnananda

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