18 ways to describe a person’s complexion.

Keshav : “That fair girl, we saw at the theatre yesterday, I saw her again in KFC today”

Sandeep : “We saw many fair girls yesterday. Who exactly are you referring to?”

Keshav : “Arre, the one that was very fair”

Sandeep: “Very fair doesn’t make it any better. I have no idea of who you are talking about”

Sounds familiar? Read on.


Fair, very fair, dark and, very dark, are words that we use everyday. There are atleast 14 other words to describe a person’s complexion.

Vivid – strikingly bright

Flawless – having no noticeable blemishes

Pink – self explanatory

Florid –  reddish

Bright – self explanatory

Tanned – the brown colour imparted to the skin by exposure to the sun

Peaches and cream – yellow- pink complexion

Pale, Pallid – colourless or whitish

Radiant – bright

Glowing – same as radiant

Sallow – a sickly yellowish colour

Dull – opposite of bright

Wheatish – light brown.


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